How to wash wool socks and other common questions

Most people are first attracted to wool socks by the look, but are more used to wearing cotton socks from day to day. It can be intimidating to upgrade to wool socks, but don’t fear! Here are answers to the most common questions about wool socks.

How to wash wool socks?

Washing wool socks has a bad reputation of shrinking socks. Fortunately, all the sock yarns I use is superwash yarn, which means it is machine washable.

To care for your wool socks and keep them in good shape longer, I suggest washing on a “delicate” or “handwash” cycle with the rest of your more delicate clothing and lay them flat to dry. You may also wish to put them in a laundry bag so they’re easier to find among the rest of your clothes.

Your socks will probably firm up a bit after being washed, but they’ll loosen up a bit as you wear them.

A washing machine to wash wool socks

Are wool socks scratchy?

Old vintage socks can be itchy and uncomfortable, but those were cheaper yarns by sheep breeds that didn’t yield the best yarns.

Moderns yarns blends are soft and comfortable unless you have a very very sensitive skin. They are meant to be worn next to the skin like cotton socks.

How long do wool socks last?

I’ve had socks lasting for a few years in my pile which I wear quite frequently, but it depends on how you wear them. If you walk in your bare socks they probably won’t last as long.

All the sock yarns I use has a tiny bit of nylon in it, which adds strength and durability to the yarn.

A pile of handmade wool socks

Are wool socks worth it?


I wear the wool socks I make in all seasons, and they’re the best. There is nothing like a soft sock that’s a perfect fit, and they look fashionable too!

Are wool socks good for winter? Are wool socks good for summer?

All seasons are wool sock season here.

Wool socks are at their best during winter to keep you warm and comfortable. They’re also more resistant than cotton to water and dry quicker.

They’re still a great fit in the summer: they’ll be thicker than what you are used to, but they are breathable and will keep your feet dry and comfortable even on a pretty hot summer day. I wear them in my rubber boots for gardening all the time.

A winter landscape

Do wool socks smell?

I’m not an expert about smelly socks, but wool socks are less prone to odors of any kind than cotton with its antibacterial properties. Since they keep your feet drier, your socks are also less likely to be smelly.

You can even wear the same wool socks for a few days without fearing the smell. Just give them a quick sniff to be safe before wearing again.

Great! Where do I get wool sock?

Thank you for asking! You can purchase the socks I make on my antique circular sock machine here.

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