How to wear colorful socks for women

I understand it can be hard to pull off colors in an outfit. I used to be afraid to use fun colors, so I would just stick to the standard tech worker outfit. This ended up being blue jeans and a plain shirt, or a swag shirt from some tech brand in the very rare case when they came in my size, and unremarkable socks and shoes.

After many years of that style, I got fed up with the usual black, gray and dark blue, and knew something needed to change in my wardrobe, from top to bottom!

It wasn’t in my budget to start over totally, so I kept the same wardrobe building blocks of plain pants and shirt, which are easy to mix and match. To make it nicer and more stylish, I added more layers on top, like a coat in an unusual color, larger and colorful jewelry or other accessories. 

Over time, if you stick to it, more colors will creep in and you can pull off more ambitious outfits, but to get started a piece here and there in colors you don’t usually wear can completely change an outfit.

Colorful socks are a good way to add a nice touch of colors when you start on the path of adding more colors, but unfortunately, socks are often the sadly neglected part when building an outfit. Black socks are a cheap and easy way out, and you’re back again with a “safe” color that nobody will ever comment on. Your feet deserve better than that!

It’s a shame that socks are so neglected, since colorful socks can improve an otherwise boring outfit without having to add any extra accessories: you’re just swapping something you were going to wear anyway. A great pair of socks can also jazz up otherwise standard shoes.

Most of the colorful socks you’ll find are thin printed cotton or polyester, but if you really want to make a statement, colorful wool socks are the way to go. They add a fun texture and depth that you just can’t get with a stretchy sock.

Styling colorful socks

If you need more ideas how to wear them, here are a few places where a pair of colorful socks for women really shines:

To spice up a casual outfit

If you’re wearing something simple and comfortable like a plain shirt with a pair or jeans, throwing on some nice socks can be the discrete and casual touch of color you’re missing and lift up the whole outfit and make you feel ready to take on the world, even when relaxing at the café or doing errands.

Most colors look good with jeans, so you can’t go wrong there: just choose a color you like and run with it.

To try out new colors

Colorful socks are also a safe way to learn more about using colors in an outfit and go out of your comfort zone.

If you’re used to playing it safe with whites, blacks and greys, a pair of socks is a great way to introduce a splash of color that’s not too obvious, or to try out new colors you’re not used to wearing to see if you like them. Your social standing and reputation will not be totally dashed if you can’t pull off the yellow socks look on your next hike.

If you’re more daring and want to make a statement right away, you can try those colorful socks over neutral color leggings or with a skirt.

For comfort when lounging or working

Just because you’re at home and people can’t see it on camera, it doesn’t mean that your outfit needs to be boring! A good outfit will help put you in the mood, and colorful socks are the perfect match for a casual outfit, especially if you’re looking to add a dash of creativity and fun to your day.

I used to save up a lot of pieces for “special” occasions and never got around using them. Don’t hoard your most comfortable socks for when you’re going out and never end up wearing them.

Also, a nice pair of colorful wool socks are the best at work if the dress code allows for it. Anybody (especially women) that have already worked in an office know that they can be terribly chilly. You can match the fun of a colorful pair of socks with the utility of not freezing to death while working.

Your feet will thank you.

Common mistakes to avoid with colorful socks

Don’t clash with the rest of your outfit

Unless you’re going for extra colorful, don’t add in too many colors in your outfit that don’t match in addition to black and white. After 2 or 3 different colors, it’s likely to look messy unless you’re an expert stylist. You don’t need to go for identical colors, but they should be in the same general color palette, such as blues and greens together.

Personally, I’m not big on dresses and skirts, so I like going for simple pants or leggings most of the time and add in colors with shirts, accessories and socks. 

Don’t forget about the bits you’ll put on to go outside like your scarf or purse, they count as colors too!

Keep it appropriate

Most of the time a bit of color is fine, but if you’re going for a business formal look or a serious event, it’s fine to leave the color out. 

You don’t want to chicken out on colors all the time, but you don’t need to try out your new favorite color at your best friend’s wedding or for a job interview. Put all the chances on your side that it will work out well for both your important event and your new style.

You can always have more color another day.

Don’t forget about ankle socks

It’s perfectly fine to wear colorful ankle socks too! They are the best choice for summer outfits when a long pair of socks look too stuffy, but you don’t want to go barefoot in your shoes. They may not be the best fit for sandals or very tight shoes, but that leaves plenty of other options where they will shine, like mary janes, clogs or even *gasp* 😲 Crocs.

Ankle wool socks are also a surprisingly good fit for the summer. Wool is breathable, so your feet will feel cool and comfortable even if the socks themselves are a bit thicker than what you may be used to.

Getting your first colorful socks

If after all this you’re ready to add colorful wool socks to your wardrobe, I can help you! 

I sell socks made on an antique socks machine using the best socks yarn so your socks will last for a long time. Since each sock is made to order, I can make it your exact size so they fit great.

You can get the quality and comfort of hand knitted socks, without the hours of work it takes to make a single sock by hand.If you’re ready to splurge on quality wool socks made to order for your exact shoe size, you can check out those woman wool socks:

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