Knit Baby Booties for Boys and Girls

CAD$ 27.00

These comfy little baby booties are perfect to keep your baby’s feet warm in all season (0-12 months, about 10cm/4 inches).  They are warm enough to be worn by themselves, but can also be worn with a pair of socks or over a pair of footed pajamas.

The booties are also thin enough to be worn as socks in a pair of shoes or with slippers for an older baby if you remove the ribbon.

I knit each pair of booties on order using an antique circular sock knitting machine using quality sock yarn.

The yarns I purchase are small collections available for a limited time and there are variations in the color patterns, so each pair is unique. Your favorite color may not be available tomorrow: order now and I’ll start cranking your booties right away!

Machine wash in cold water on gentle cycle. Lay flat to dry. Yarn: 75% wool (superwash) / 25% polyamide.

This item is one of a kind, so there may be slight variations in color/size/shape given the handmade process. Please allow for 5-10 business days before shipping for fabrication.

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