Wool vs cotton socks, which is best for hygge?

I’ve ready a lot about the Danish concept of a hygge lifestyle that’s all the rage, and that’s definitely me for the coldest half the year. Staying warm, cozy and contented is a must in the Canadian winter, and certainly a source of happiness. When winter comes, I’m in there hibernating with the bears and marmots.

Hygge is all the small things in daily life that turns an ordinary day into a great day: taking the time to have a fresh cup of coffee, cook at home, wear cozy clothes and spend quality time with your family and friends.

I’m also making an essentials part of dressing for hygge, which is a good pair of cozy wool socks (it even has a word, hyggesokker). Most people are more used to plain cotton socks, but wool is certainly more comfortable and softer.

Just putting on a perfectly fitted pair of warm wool socks is the perfect way to complete a comfortable outfit for lounging at home, or go out with friends.

Wool vs cotton socks in the winter

In the winter, wool socks are the clear winner, regardless of if you’re just cozying up inside or doing outdoor sports such as skiing or snowshoeing.

They’ll keep your warm (but not too warm) with their insulating power, and your feet won’t get immediately wet if you go skiing or snowshoeing since wool will wick the moisture away from your skin.

Another advantage of wool vs cotton socks is that if you do get your feet wet (which does tend to happen when you’re out playing in the snow), your socks will dry out a lot quicker than if you were wearing cotton. If you’re away from home and don’t have a spare, you won’t have to hang your socks to dry for hours before you’re comfortable again.

Wool vs cotton socks in the summer

I have lots of outdoor time in the summer to garden and generally work outside. Even then, you’re still allowed to be hygge, even if most people won’t think of wearing wool socks in the summer.

The great thing about wool vs cotton socks is that they’re breathable, so you feet won’t get all moist in the summer when you’re out there. You feet will stay cool and dry, even if you’re wearing socks that look pretty thick.

In the summer, you also have the options of of wearing smaller, no show wool socks in your summer shoes. They look great in low shoes, and it’s lighter to wear an ankle socks than a full length crew sock.

Embracing the hygge

I used to be the cheap one when it comes to clothing, but those often don’t last, and don’t evoke feeling of contentment and comfort when you put the on. I’m also no longer saving the best pieces for a rainy day or anything else; I’m not sure what I was saving up for because it’s not like I have events I need to dress up for that often.

I’m now wearing my best wool socks and scarves and jackets all the time so I feel great getting dressed. I have now fully embraced having fewer things, but of better quality.

If you’re ready to splurge with high quality wool socks, you can check out the socks in the store.

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